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At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. we are experts in Lightning protection. We have at your disposal all the latest technology and we are constantly innovating, providing suitable solutions to each particular case, for an integrated, safe and complete protection.

Our areas of specialization include the research, development, manufacturing, commercialisation, installation and revision of:

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DAT CONTROLER® PLUS: Most advanced ESE lightning rod on the market

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The main advantages of APLIWELD® Secure+

Exothermic welding material in tablet format

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Storm detection system: key in the risk prevention of airports

Storm detection system: key in the risk prevention of airports    
The storm detection in airports is the key to prevent accidents of the workers and guarantee their security in the track. The labour accidents produced by lightning in airports can be prevented by the early warning system ATSTORM® developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.
Apliweld® Secure+: the exothermic welding in tablet format with wireless ignition |New videos of the procedure on how to use the specific mould and the multiple graphite mould    
In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we have two new videos of our Apliweld® Secure+ exothermic welding, both of them explain the usage of the specific and multiple graphite moulds. Before starting the videos, its convenient to know the concepts related with this type of welding.
ATSOCKET – all of the possibilities for the protection against overvoltages of outdoor luminaires caused by lightning    
Due to the characteristics of public lighting, they require specific protection against transient overvoltages. The ATSOCKET protectors of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas were designed ex profeso to be used in outdoor luminaire installations, although they have other applications, given how it is possible the connection in the interior of the trunking which feed the socket powers.
DAT CONTROLER® REMOTE protects the Nossa Senhora de Aires Sanctuary    
The lightning protection system  from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas protects the Nossa Senhora de Aires Pilgrimage Sanctuary, located in Viana do Alentejo, Portugal, is an 18th century building designed by architect P. João Baptista.