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At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. we are experts in Lightning protection. We have at your disposal all the latest technology and we are constantly innovating, providing suitable solutions to each particular case, for an integrated, safe and complete protection.

Our areas of specialization include the research, development, manufacturing, commercialisation, installation and revision of:

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DAT CONTROLER® PLUS: Most advanced ESE lightning rod on the market

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The main advantages of APLIWELD® Secure+

Exothermic welding material in tablet format

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Golf courses: the danger of thunderstorms

Golf courses: the danger of thunderstorms    
There are two relevant data facts to keep in mind when evaluating the danger of lightning in golf courses. Firstly, the annual average of death casualties in golf courses is 13 people worldwide, being the majority due to electrical discharges caused by storms. Secondly, 5% of the total deaths caused by lightning strikes in the US occur in golf courses.
Upcoming free online webinars for december and january 2020    
Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, a company specialized in lightning protection systems, offers you for free the next online webinars about Apliweld® Secure+, the safest exothermic welding in the market. Besides, there are also free online webinars about ATSTORM®, the thunderstorm detection system for labour risk prevention.
Aplicaciones Tecnológicas was present at the review of the international regulation IEC 62305 for lightning protection    
Between 18th and 22nd November the group meetings of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) took place in Milan (Italy). These are responsible for the review of the international regulation of lightning protection IEC 62305. This regulation review was performed for its four parts (General Principles, Risk management, Physical Damage to Structures and Life hazards, Electrical and Electronic Systems in Structures). In addition, a general assembly of IEC Group 81 (Lightning Protection) was held.
New product selection guide for surge protectors    
A surge is a voltage increase in the electrical network measured between two conductors which can cause damage to the installation and electrical equipment. It can be of two types: transient and permanent.