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Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches a new Wireless ignition equipment for exothermic welding

The exothermic welding system of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas APLIWELD SECURE + now has a new ignition device that includes a controller with Bluetooth connection for a wireless ignition which improves the performance.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas launches a new Wireless ignition equipment for exothermic welding    

The main innovative feature of this new exothermic welding system is the wireless controller, with Bluetooth technology, which activates the welding process from a 5 meters distance. In this way, the electronic ignition can be carried out with or without the controller, depending on the preferences and the established safety measures.


Another innovative feature is the speed of the reaction, the detonation occurs instantaneously, improving the starting time in about five seconds compared to the previous method.


In addition, this second version of APLIWELD SECURE + exothermic welding ignition system contains a battery with a higher autonomy, which allows more than 250 weldings without the need of recharging it.


In this way, APLIWELD SECURE +, improves the safety of the working installers, offering a greater comfort, speed and efficiency for the ignition process. From now on, the reference will be AT-100N Electronic Ignition Kit which contains the following:

                AT-114N. Electronic ignition device

                AT-115N. Bluetooth ignition control

                AT-098N. Connection cable

                AT-099N. Connection clips

                AT-101N.  Battery charger

                AT-111N. Transport Bag


If you need more information about the APLIWELD SECURE + exothermic welding system, visit this website.