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We want to keep you informed about all the news related to Lightning Protection Systems (lightning rods, overvoltage protection and thunderstorm detectors) standard’s updates, specific training and workshops held at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, as well as any application and download we develop in our company.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas provides training of aluminothermic welding


At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, besides offering integral protection against lightning and surges, we are experts in exothermic welding (also called aluminothermic). Therefore, many companies have requested specific training in this type of welding by our specialized staff.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas provides training of aluminothermic welding    

With the development of Apliweld® Secure + system, an innovative exothermic welding format, we have revolutionized the future of exothermic welding and many companies want to be at the forefront. The key to this system is that it replaces traditional welding powder and its manual activation with welding compound in tablets, which are activated from a distance by an electronic starter.

With this method, users of Apliweld® will not only save costs in the acquisition of the material for the welding, but also in storage, transport, training and labour. They will only have to take into account a single compound reference for all connections. This improves welding process times and increases the equipment life-time, besides it enables work to continue with wind and humidity.

These advantages make Apliweld® Secure + a very useful system for making permanent bonding connections, with results of maximum confidence, convincing all companies that have tried it.

See this video for all the advantages of Apliweld® Secure +