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Cascaishopping, protected with DAT CONTROLER ESE air terminals


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas ESE air terminals protect the CascaiShopping mall, located in the Portuguese town of Cascais.

Dat Controler lightning protection systems    

This building was inaugurated in 1991, becoming the first large shopping area in the country.

It has recently been extended and renovated. Today this shopping center is still a national reference with over 200 shops.

Lightning protection in shopping centers

The building was already protected by the DAT CONTROLER PLUS ESE air terminals from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. However, as a result of the expansion works carried out, it was necessary to reexamine the coverage of the structure.

A preliminary study was carried out in order to establish the required level of protection and the radii needed to cover all the structure taking into consideration its characteristics.

Nowadays, Cascaishopping is protected by 12 DAT CONTROLER PLUS 60 ESE air terminals from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. This kind of air terminal and all the installations carried out comply with the applicable Portuguese standards, NP 4426. Its performance is certified under rain and withstands current of 200kA (10/350 µs).

This standard is equivalent to the NF 17102 French standard and UNE 21186 Spanish standard related to protection of structures, buildings and open areas with ESE air terminals.

The installed system is ideal for protection of shopping centers. It protects not only the buildings but also the open areas around them such as parking lots, terraces and leisure areas.

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