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Once again, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas sponsors the 'Installer's Party' in Barcelona


Last June 14th, the 3rd edition of an important event that involves installers and distributors of electrical equipment, the ‘Installer's Party’ took place. The event is organized by CSI Suministros since 2015 and Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has sponsored it once again.

Once again, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas sponsors the 'Installer's Party' in Barcelona    

As in the previous two editions, it was held at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona. On this occasion, more than 2,200 attendees gathered together. In this one day event installers, engineers, consultants, distributors and other professionals were able to meet 80 of the most recognised companies in the field.

The event presented two new features this year: briefing sessions from the Office of Business Attention in Barcelona for the self-employed and small entrepreneurs and a series of lectures about Smart Homes.

Attendees had the opportunity to visit Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’ stand and to know, first hand, our entire range of products, as well as to benefit from the knowledge of our experts in lightning and surge protection.