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At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas S.A. we are experts in Lightning protection. We have at your disposal all the latest technology and we are constantly innovating, providing suitable solutions to each particular case, for an integrated, safe and complete protection.

Our areas of specialization include the research, development, manufacturing, commercialisation, installation and revision of:

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Latest news

ATPLUG CONTROL: the plug-in and self-reclosing protector against surges and undervoltages

ATPLUG CONTROL: the plug-in and self-reclosing protector against surges and undervoltages    
One of the latest product launches from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is the ATPLUG CONTROL, a protector for permanent and transient overvoltages and undervoltages that is plug-in, single-phase and self-reclosing.
The new Wanda Metropolitano stadium is protected from lightning strikes with our DAT Controler® Plus    
The Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the new football field of Club Atlético de Madrid, has hosted the first league match this weekend. The new sports hall, includes a complete lightning protection system, projected and supplied by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.
Aplicaciones Tecnológicas provide training for authorised electrical installers    
Always aware of the ever-present dangers of lightning, at Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we try to share our knowledge and experience on the subject to ensure that all lightning protection installations are safe and of the highest quality.
We protect the National Pantheon of the Heroes in Paraguay against lightning    
The National Pantheon of the Heroes and Oratory of the Virgin Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción is an emblematic building located in the capital city of Paraguay which, at the moment, is under restoration.