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At APLICACIONES TECNOLÓGICAS S.A. we have at our disposal all the latest technology to design and implement lightning Protection Systems. We manufacture our products in accordance with maximum quality standards. Research, innovation and safety are the key factors underlining our leadership and presence around the World.

Lightning is one of the most devastating natural phenomena. There are many discharges during lightning storms and some of them can even reach hundreds of kiloamperes.

These electrical discharges are a great hazard for people, animals, buildings and electronic equipment. The economic consequences of lightning are also very important; it can cause fire, stop the production of a factory or interrupt critical processes. Direct lightning discharges can also adversely effect the human body. The current lasts a very short time but the intensity is enough to cause electrocution due to heart failure and can also result in burns of different degrees.

Currently, there is no device that can prevert lightning formation. However, it is possible to create a path for the discharge to the ground that minimizes the damage to the environs: the Lightning Protection System.

The need for lightning protection should be considered preferably during the first phases of a structure's design.

A Lightning Protection System has 4 basic objectives:

   1) Capture lightning.
   2) Conduct lightning current to earth avoiding damage.
   3) Disperse lightning current in the ground quickly and safely.
   4) Avoid lightning secondary effects (overvoltages).

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. guarantees through its 5 product lines the best option for lightning protection:

  • External Protection (Lighting conductors and Conductors).
  • Internal Protection (Surge Protective Devices).
  • Earthing.
  • Exothermic welding.
  • Preventive Protection (Storm Detectors).

In a world where buildings and equipment are more complex every day, lightning is a constant hazard. One discharge can damage buildings and cause failures in electronic devices. Furtheremore, it can even cause fire and significant financial losses.