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Storm detection

Lightning and thunderstorms are an unavoidable natural phenomenon that represent a serious threat to people, property and services.

The usage of a local early alert expert system, both for electrical storms that form over the area to be protected, as well as those arriving from other distant points (up to 40 km.), allows users to use preventive actions capable of avoiding or minimizing any possible damage.

The local storm detection systems facilitate the decision making allowing to stop and return to normal activity only during the time in which it is in risk, saving costs by excessive duration of alarms and cessation of activities.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas vision

In Aplicaciones Tecnológicas we have been working for more than 15 years in storm detection as a lightning prevention system.

Our approach consists on the study of particular conditions (geographical, morphological, atmospheric, etc.) of the location to be protected and the development of a specific project that details the most adequate solution for each case.

This solution is composed by a storm detection system with different interconnected and monitored elements in a continuous way. In this way, we assure the optimal functioning of the system in every moment.

ATSTORM®. Expert local early warning system for lightning storm risk prevention

The ATSTORM® expert system provides lightning alerts and alerts for the risk of thunderstorms with maximum anticipation and reliability through real-time monitoring and analysis of local conditions in the area to be protected.

The ATSTORM® system includes:

  • Direct Monitoring System from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, which ensures optimal system performance.
  • Dual sensor system, electrostatic and electromagnetic, totally electronic and without moving mechanical parts.
  • Multiple detection system, guaranteeing an unprecedented accuracy with the detection error rates and the lowest false alarms in the market.
  • Alarm management system through private web and App, and automation through remote relays module.
  • Redundant communication and energy system.
  • Acquisition and processing system protected by redundant servers.

For more information about the ATSTORM® system, you can contact Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. We will study your case in order to offer you a solution adapted to your needs.